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1476 – With the support of the Hungarians, Vlad III of Wallachia, or Vlad the Impaler as he was known posthumously, reconquered his homeland from the Ottomans and would rule for the third time.

1436 – A daughter is born to King Edward of Portugal and his Queen Eleanor. She was christened as Catherine. At one time bethrothed to Charles IV of Navarre, but he would die before the marriage took place. Catherine then lived out her days in a convent, becoming a writer of note.

1847 – Princess Dagmar of Denmark is born in Copenhagen as the daughter of Christian IX and Queen Louise. History knows her better as Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia. Her name was changed upon her marriage to the future Alexander III and conversion to Russian Orthodoxy. She was the mother to the future Nicholas II of Russia and aunt of George V of the United Kingdom.

1869 – Maud of Wales, future Queen of Norway as wife of Haakon VII, is born to Edward and Alexandra, future King and Queen of Great Britain. Also she was the younger sister of George V and mother to Olav V of Norway. She was popular with the people for her charity work and her reputation for being a fashion trendsetter.

1992- In not-so-dead royals we have Louis Ducruet, son of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and her husband, Daniel Ducruet. He holds no official title, but as a grandson of Prince Rainier III and nephew of Prince Albert II, he is still 8th in line of succession.


1504 – Isabella I of Castile, half of Spain’s power couple, Ferdinand and Isabella, died at age 53. Her husband survived her and acted as co-ruler and regent for their daughter, Juana. Her legacy includes greatly expanding the exploration of the New World through financing Christopher Columbus, but also the forced conversions of Spanish Muslims and Jews and the beginning of the Spanish Inquistion. Among her children she numbers 2 Queens of Portugal, a Queen of Spain, and a Queen of England.

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