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No major events today.

1489 – Princess Margaret Tudor is born to King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. She was also the older sister to Henry VIII of England and married King James IV of Scotland, thus becoming the mother of James V and grandmother to Mary, Queen of Scots.

1700 – Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach is born in modern day Germany. She married the Crown Prince of Denmark and Norway and became Queen in 1730 when her husband became Frederick V. She would also live into the reign of her grandson.

1857 – The future Alfonso XII of Spain is born in Madrid. He did not become King until 1857 when the monarchy was restored in Spain after a coup ended the First Spanish Republic.

1170 – Owain Gwynedd, the first Prince of Wales died at age 70. His reign was marred with disputes with the church and wars with Henry II of England. And his death caused a civil war among his many sons who wanted to succeed him.

1290 – Queen consort of England, Eleanor of Castile, died in her late forties. She had been married to Edward I of England for over 30 years and had several children with him, including the future Edward II of England.

1962 – Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands died after abdicating in favour of her daughter in 1948. She had been popular throughout World War II as a rallying point for the Dutch and was actually the first Queen to address the US Congress in 1942.

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