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1340 – John, Duke of Berry was born as the third son to John II of France and his Queen Bonne. He would act as regent for his young nephew Charles VI of France when he came to the crown as a young boy. He is also known for making great contributions to the arts at the time by amassing a large collection.

1427 – The future King Casimir IV of Poland is born in Krakiow. He came to be king after the death of his brother, Wladyslaw III and would be King from 1447 until 1492.

1719 – Augusta of Saxe-Gotha was born in Germany to the Duke and Duchess of Saxe-Gotha. She would go on to marry Frederick, Prince of Wales, and heir to George II of the United Kingdom. She is one of only three Princesses of Wales to never be Queen, as her husband died before becoming King. She is however, the mother to George III.

1016 – Edmund Ironside, King of England, died shortly after a fighting with the invading Danish armies of Cnut the Great. He had resisted earlier attempts by the Danes to invade, but this time they came to an agreement, splitting the island. Edmund took Wessex, while Cnut took the rest of the island, and took Wessex after Edmund’s death.

1705 – Catherine of Braganza, Queen consort to the already deceased Charles II of England, died at age 67 after returning to her home in Lisbon. She left England during the reign of her niece and her husband William and Mary, due to religous differences.

1718 – Charles XII of Sweden dies prematurely at age 36 in Norway while laying seige to the fortress of Fredriksten. He was killed by a projectile through the head. Apart from this, he is known as a fierce and highly capable military commander and politician. He was childless and was succeeded by his sister.

2011 – Leka, the last Crown Prince of Albania died after being allowed to return from exile. His family had to escape just two days after his birth when the Italians invaded Albania. He lived most of his life from birth in 1939 until his final return in 2004, in exile throughout Europe and South Africa.

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