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1420 – A triumphant Henry V marched through Paris just months after marrying Charles VI’s daughter Catherine of Valois, and being named heir to the crown of France through the Treaty of Troyes.

1640 – John, Duke of Braganza, is proclaimed to be King John IV of Portugal during the Portugese revolution against the Spanish. He would continue to fight Spain for another 3 years before he was secure in the throne.

1822 – Pedro I is crowned as Emperor of Brazil after siding with Brazil in its independence from Portugal. He technically ruled both Brazil and Portugal for about 2 months in 1826 before abdicating in favor of his daughter, Maria.

1081 – The future Louis VI of France is born in Paris as the son to Phillip I. He would come later to be known by the ephitet “Louis the Fat”. He was actually able to consolidate power for the Kingship of France through his wars with the barons. His son would succeded him as Louis VII.

1844 – Princess Alexandra of Denmark is born to Christian IX of Denmark and Queen Louise. She would go on to marry Edward, Prince of Wales and became Queen consort of the United Kingdom. She would be the mother of George V and Great Grandmother to the current Queen Elizabeth.

2001 – In not-so-dead royalty, Aiko, Princess Toshi is born to Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako, next in line for Emperor and Empress of Japan. According to Japanese law though, women cannot succeed to the crown.

1135 – Henry I of England dies in France, causing a succession crisis in England. He had proclaimed his only living legitimate child, Matilda, to be his successor, but the barons did not want a woman as ruler. So her cousin, Stephen, rode into England and claimed the throne, causing a decades long war called “The Anarchy”.

1241 – Isabella of England, Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Germany and Sicily died after giving birth. She was in her late twenties and was the daughter of King John I of England and Isabella of Angouleme.

1633 – Isabella Clara Eugenia died in Brussels at age 67. She was the daughter of Phillip II of Spain, and married Albert VII of Austria. She had ruled the Spanish Netherlands after her father and along side her husband.

1825 – Alexander I of Russia died at age 47 of typhus. He was the grandson of Catherine the Great, and succeeded his father Paul I after his assassination. He was an effective military leader throughout the Napoleonic Wars, but decided after that he wanted to be the peacemaker of Europe.

2004 – Prince Bernhard, consort of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, died at age 93, just a few months after the death of his wife. He is the father of the Queen Beatrix and grandfather of current King Willem-Alexander.

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