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1804 – Napoleon I is formally crowned Emperor of France. He is the first French Emperor in a thousand years and actually crowned himself, unexpectedly taking the crown from the Pope during the ceremony.

1848 – Franz Joseph I becomes Emperor of Austria after the abdication of Ferdinand I. He would be Emperor for 68 years including during World War I.

1851 – French President Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon I overthrows the Second Republic of France, and one year later is crowned as Emperor Napoleon III of France.

1825 – Pedro II of Brazil is born in Rio. He would become Emperor at age 5 after his fathers abrupt abdication. He would rule for 58 years until his eventual overthrow, ironically caused by the abolition of slavery, which he supported. He planned to tread carefully as to not lose his support. However, his daughter, Princess Isabel, signed the paper in his absence though, leading to a hastened demise of the monarchy. He could count himself as grandson of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II, and – during his education – learned Spanish, English, French, German, Greek and Latin. He also supported Argentina and Uruguay against the dictators Rosas and Lopéz respectively.

1915 – Takahito, Prince Mikasa is born as the youngest son of Emperor Taisho and the brother of future Emperor Hirohito. He spent years in the military during World War II and became a lecturer at Tokyo University and was the director of the Japanese Society of Middle Eastern Society. He is our not-so-dead royal today and is the oldest living member of the Japanese Royal Family.

1962 – Another not-so-dead royal birthday today belongs to Kardam, Prince of Turnovo. He is the eldest son of Simeon II of Bulgaria but was born after his fathers loss of the throne, so his titles are titular. He was born and is currently living in Spain with his wife and two sons.

1849 – Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, Queen consort of William IV of the United Kingdom died in the reign of her neice, Queen Victoria. She had been popular as both a Queen and Dowager Queen, and requested not to have a state funeral. The Australian city Adelaide is named in her honor.