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1060 – Bela I of Hungary is crowned King after a long fight with his cousins and their sons. He would only be King for three years though, after which the wars would start again.

1648 – Members of the Long Parliament which were sympathetic to Charles I were expelled from their seats by Colonel Pride and other officers of the New Model Army, so they would not vote against a trial for the King. Charles was later tried and executed.

1745 – The armies of the Young Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart, or “Bonnie Prince Charlie” begins to retreat into the North in what is known as The Second Jacobite Rising, or “The 45”. Charles would be soundly defeated and flee back to the continent.

1285 – Ferdinand IV of Castile and Leon is born today in Seville. He would become King at 10 years old, as his kingdom was in anarchy, with Leon rebelling. He would die suddenly at age 26 while fighting the Moors in Southern Spain.

1421 – The future Henry VI of England is born today as the only child to Henry V and Catherine of Valois. He would become the youngest King in British history when his father died suddenly when Henry was 9 mos. old. He was mentally unstable and saw his wife, Margaret of Anjou as regent for him. Henry was also not the military leader his father was, as France was able to regain most territory lost during the Hundred Years War and the infamous Wars of the Roses started under Henry’s reign.

1685 – Princess Marie-Adelaide of Savoy is born in modern day Italy. She would later become Dauphine of France when she married Louis, Duke of Burgundy and future Dauphin. Her son would go on to be Louis XV of France.

1792 – William II of the Netherlands is born in The Hague. He would spend his youth in the Prussian and English armies until 1813, when his father became sovereign. He would become King in 1840, after his father’s abdication.

1185 – Afonso I of Portugal died at age 76 in Coimbra Portugal. He had been King for 46 years and is regarded as the first King of Portugal having fought against Spain to be declared its own state. He spent many decades of his reign at war with the Moors.

1676 – John II Casimir Vasa, once King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth died in France. He abdicated in 1668 and left for France where he became a Jesuit and an abbot. He was 63 years old.

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