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No major events

1594 – In Stockholm, Gustavus Aldolphus of Sweden is born as the son of Charles IX and Queen Christina. He would later raise Sweden to its height of military power during the Thirty Years War. He was known then as “The Lion of the North” and is known now as the father of modern warfare. He would later die in battle and be succeeded by his daughter, Christina.

1751 – Maria Luisa of Parma is born in Italy to the Duke and Duchess of Parma. She would later become Queen consort of Spain when she married the future Charles IV until his abdication in 1808. She was known at court as a formidable and domineering woman. Among her children she would number a King of Spain, a Queen of Portugal, and a Queen of Italy.

1963 –  A not so dead royal birthday today, when Masako Owada was born to a Japanese diplomatic family. She would meet the Crown Prince of Japan Naruhito in college and they would marry in 1993, making her Crown Princess of Japan. They have one child, Aiko, Princess Toshi.

1991 – Another not so dead royal birthday from Belgium, as a son was born to Princess Astrid, named Prince Joachim. He is 9th in line to the crown and is currently serving as an officer in the Belgian navy, and has been taking university classes in Milan.

1165 – Malcolm IV of Scotland, died prematurely at age 24. Its believed he had a bone disease called Paget’s disease. His legacy is disputed, but since he had such a short reign, we will never know if he would have been an effective king.

1437 – Sigismund, last of the House of Luxemburg and Holy Roman Emperor died and was buried in Hungary. He was succeeded by a daughter Elisabeth, whose husband was named his heir as Albert II.

1706 – Peter II of Portugal died at age 58 in Cintra, Portugal. He had first served as regent for his brother Afonso VI, until Afonso’s death. He later married Afonso’s wife and remarried again at her death and had 8 legitimate children in all.

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