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1508 – An alliance between Pope Julius II, Ferdinand II of Aragon, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, and Louis XII of France, called the League of Cambrai was formed against the Republic of Venice. The parties were engaged in territory disputes with the Venice, and the Pope wanted to gain more control over all of Italy.

1541 – Two men, Thomas Culpeper, and Francis Dereham were executed in London for treason against Henry VIII for having affairs with his fifth and current wife, the teenaged Catherine Howard. Dereham was believed to have had relations with Catherine before she came to court, but he was also hired as a secretary in her household. Culpeper was one of the King’s personal grooms and was believed to have begun his affair with her while they were on royal progress. He was beheaded, while Dereham was hung, drawn, and quartered. Catherine and her lady in waiting, Lady Jane Rochford, were executed the following Febuary.

1936 – Edward VIII of the United Kingdom and its territories signed the Instrument of Abdication. Edward was giving up the throne because of Governmental and Popular lack of support for his intention to marry a still married American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. His abdication was accepted by all Parliaments of the Commonwealth Nations and was official the following day.

No major birthdays. 

1865 – The first King of the Belgians, Leopold I died at age 74. He became King after Belgium gained its independance from The Netherlands. Before becoming King, he was married to Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of George IV, who died giving birth to their child, who also died. He later married a daughter of the French house of Bourbon. He was also the maternal uncle of Queen Victoria and was instrumental in arranging her marriage to Prince Albert, and was one of her earliest advisors.

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