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1792 – The trial of King Louis XVI of France and Navarre begins in Paris. He would be brought up on charges of high treason against France. He would be found guilty and sentenced to death the following month.

1936 – The abdication of Edward VIII of the United Kingdom and its dominions is effective. Edward wished to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee who was going through her second divorce at the time. Edward would be allowed to retain the title of His Royal Highness and was given the title Duke of Windsor. His younger brother assumed the throne as George VI. George’s daughter, Elizabeth is the current Queen, and Edward married Wallis the following year.

1709 – Louise Elisabeth d’Orleans is born to he Duke and Duchess of Orleans in Versailles. She was a granddaughter of Louis XIV and cousin to Louis XV. She was poorly educated, being one of the Duke’s younger daughters but was married off in a political match to the future Louis I of Spain at age 11. Three years later she would become Queen of Spain when her father in law abdicated, but it would be short lived, as Louis died 7 months into his reign. She lived in Spain until she was 19, then went to back to France and obscurity.

1830 – Prince Lot Kapuaiwa is born in Honolulu. He would become King Kamehameha V when he succeeded his brother in 1863. He kept to some traditions, but also tried to modernize Hawaii as the islands were beginning to see and uptick in travel. He would sadly pass away on this day in 1872 as well.

1282 – The last native Prince of Wales, Llywelyn the Last dies was killed while fighting the English forces of Edward I from trying to take over Wales. Shortly after, the morale of Welsh troops failed and its lands were captured.

1826 – Maria Leopoldina of Austria, Queen consort of Portugal, Empress consort of Brazil, and Archduchess of Austria died at age 29 in Rio de Janeiro. Her death came shortly after a miscarriage of her eighth child with her husband, King Pedro I of Brazil. She was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II and his second wife, Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily. In 1822, she became Brazil’s first Empress consort, and she was instrumental in the Brazilian Declaration of Independence. Two of her children would go on to be monarchs; her eldest daughter, Maria II of Portugal, and her youngest son, Pedro II of Brazil.

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