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1911- King George V of the United Kingdom and Queen Mary were officially enthroned as Emperor and Empress of India. They became the British King and Queen the previous year, with that coronation happening in early 1911. George and Mary were the only Emperor and Empress to participate in the ceremony in India, called a Delhi Durbar. The crowns they wore for the ceremony had to be specially made, because they were unable to take the British Crown Jewels out of the country. They are the grandparents of the current Queen Elizabeth.

1574 – Anne of Denmark is born to the King and Queen of Denmark. She would marry James VI of Scotland in 1589 and gave him 7 surviving children. She would follow him to England when acceeded to the throne there in 1603.

1712 – Prince Charles Alexander is born to the Duke and Duchess of Lorraine in France. He entered into the Austrian army when his brother, Francis became Holy Roman Emperor. He was popular with people, but was an ineffective military leader, losing several battles in the War of Austrian Succession.

1791 – Marie Louise of Austria is born in Vienna as a daughter of Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor and Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily. She would become the second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte whom she married in 1810, making her French Empress until Napoleon’s overthrow. She was also the mother of the future Napoleon II of France (also known later as the Duke of Reichstaedt). She would become Duchess of Parma in her own right upon her husbands final exile and hold the title until her death in 1847.

1586 – Stephan Bathory, King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth died at age 53. He actually came to the throne through his wife, Anna of Jagiellion, and they were elected in 1575. He was able to consolidate power and protect his lands and people and is still regarded as one of the great Polish kings.

1843 – William I of the Netherlands died in Berlin after his abdication three years prior. He was upset at the Belgians gaining independance and over the constitutional changes that his country was undergoing. His son would succeed him as William II of the Netherlands.

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