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1918 – Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse, a German and brother in law to Wilhelm II officially renounced the offer to be King of Finland that had been extended to him a few months prior. Finland adopted a republican constitution shortly thereafter.

1784 – Princess Maria Antonia of Naples and Sicily was born in Caserta, Italy. Her parents were Ferdinand, King of Naples and Sicily and Maria Carolina of Austria. She was named for her mothers favourite sister, Marie Antonia, aka, Marie Antionette. She later married Prince Ferdinand of Spain, (future Ferdinand VII) but died of tuberculosis at age 21, before becoming Queen.

1787 – Maria Ludovika of Austria-Este is born to the Archduke of Austria-Este, Ferdinand. She would eventually marry her cousin, Austrian Emperor Francis I, but would die young and before having children, of tuberculosis at age 28.

1895 – Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, Duke of York is born in Norfolk region. In 1936, he would become King George VI of Great Britain upon the abdication of his older brother, Edward VIII. He would lead the country through World War II, and is the father of Queen Elizabeth II.

1901 – King Paul I of Greece is born in Athens as the third son of King Constantine I. He spent parts of his early life during the wars living in exile, but returned to Greece in 1946 and became King the following year after his brother died without children. He would be King until his death from cancer in 1964.

1542 – King James V of Scotland died at age 30 of a short uncited illness. He had recently suffered two losses in the fighting against England, and suffered a disappointment when his wife, Mary of Guise gave birth to a daughter, Mary 6 days earlier. That daughter acceeded to be Queen today and is known as Mary, Queen of Scots.

1788 – Charles III of Spain died at age 72 in Madrid after almost 30 years on the Spanish throne. He is known for trying to save the Spanish Empire with strong and heavt reforms such as promoting research of science and at universities, encouraging trade, moderinization of agriculture and continued peace, but his reforms would not live much past Charles’ death.

1861 – Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria died at age 42. While he was first diagnosed with typhoid, it is possible he had an ongoing illness for two years prior. He had been Victoria’s most trusted advisor and had assisted her with many duties and she was devasted at his death, dressing in a widow’s clothing for the rest of her life.

1878 – Princess Alice, Victoria and Albert’s daughter, died at age 35 of diptheria. She married a German Grand Duke, Louis of Hesse and had several children by him, including the future Empress Alexandra of Russia. She was the first of Victoria’s children to die, and the Queen was said to be inconsolable.

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