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1863 – Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is born, and is the nephew to the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph I. He was never expected to rule, but when his cousin, Crown Prince Rudolf committed suicide, and his father renounced his claim, Franz Ferdinand was being quickly groomed for Imperial life. However, in 1914, he and is wife were assassinated in Bosnia, an event which would kick off World War I.

1134 – King Magnus I of Sweden died at approximately age 28 while fighting for his claim to the Danish throne. His reign in Sweden was disputed, but he is recongized as a monarch of Sweden by historians now. Through his mother, he held the claim to Sweden, and his father was King Neils I of Denmark.

1495 – Alfonso II of Naples died in a Sicilian monastery at age 47. He had abdicated his crown earlier in the year, in favour of his son, Ferdinand, as he was facing an invasion from the French King. Before his accession, he was a regular patron of Renaissance culture and arts.

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