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1192 – Richard I of England was captured by Leopold V of Austria while on his way home from the Third Crusade. Leopold believed that Richard murdered his cousin, and he was offended that Richard cut his standard down from the walls of Jerusalem. Richard the Lionheart would be held captive for almost three years.

2007 – Queen Elizabeth II surpasses her Great-Great-Grandmother, Victoria, as the oldest monarch of the United Kingdom in history.

1537 – The future John III of Sweden is born. He became King in 1568 after deposing his older half-brother, Eric XIV of Sweden, after Eric was deemed insane. He would successfully rule for over 30 years.

1902 – Prince George is born as the fourth son of King George V and Queen Mary. He was the younger brother to Edward VIII and George VI, and thus the paternal uncle to Queen Elizabeth II. He was given the title Duke of Kent in 1934, but would sadly die in 1942 while in the Royal Air Force.

1963 – In not-so-dead royals, Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo, is born in Madrid. She is the eldest child of King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia. She is currently fourth in line to the crown, behind her younger brother and his children.

910 – Alfonso III of Asturias died after abdicating one year prior in favor of his three sons. He ruled most of what we know as Spain now, and his sons split the Kingdom into three.

1355- Stephen Uros IV Dusan of Serbia died of a fever while fighting the Ottoman Empire. Stephen had already conquered most of his region by age 47, and his death is attributed with halting the further spread of the Eastern Orthodox religion in the area.

1765 – Louis, Dauphin of France died of tuberculosis at age 36. He was the eldest son and heir to Louis XV and father of the ill-fated Louis XVI, and also to the other final Bourbon Kings, Louis XVIII and Charles X. Since he pre-deceased his father, he was never King.

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