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Birthdays –

1118 – Not a royal birthday, but significant nonetheless. Saint Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury and one time Chancellor of England was born in London. He rose to prominence as an administrator for Henry II of England. Soon after he was confirmed as Archbishop he and Henry ran into conflicts over church and public policy, culminating in the murder of Becket in church in 1170.

1818 – Amalia of Oldenburg is born in Germany, as the daughter of the Grand Duke. She later married King Otto of Greece. She was initially popular in Greece, but she became less so after she became more involved with policy decision, but did not provide an heir.

1295 – Margaret of Provence died at age 74 in Paris. She had been the wife of Louis IX of France and the mother to eleven children, including Phillip III of France. Through one of her sons also descends the French Royal House of Bourbon. She would sadly outlive 8 of her 11 children.

1549 – Marguerite of Navarre, Queen consort of Henry II of Navarre died at age 57. She was said to be one of the first modern women and between her and her brother, King Francis I of France, they were very influential in bringing the Renaissance to France. It is also believed that Marguerite was an important influence on a young girl in her service at one point, a young Anne Boleyn.