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1095 – Roger II of Sicily is born in Italy. He became King at age 10 after the death of his father, Roger I and his older brother. His mother would serve as regent until he assumed his personal rule at age 16. He was able to unite and consolidate all of Southern Italy under one crown and keep power until his death at age 58.

1550 – A man called Richard of Eastwell died as an old man. He once claimed to be a son of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England. He said that at age 16, he was told by Richard himself that if he survived the impending battle with Henry Tudor, he would claim the young Richard as his son. But if King Richard did not win the battle, he told the boy to go into hiding. Richard III died in the Battle of Bosworth, and the young Richard died as a bricklayer.

1708- Hedvig Sofia of Sweden died at the tender age of 27 in Stockholm. She was a daughter of King Charles XI and Ulrika Eleanora of Denmark. Her brother would go on to be Carl XII of Sweden. Married in 1698 to Frederick IV, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, she took the role of Duchess consort, but was not happy in the arranged marriage. They would have one child, a son, named Charles Frederick, whom she would rule as regent for, after she was widowed in 1702. Hedvig remained in Sweden most of the time, leaving the rule to her late husband’s uncle, and was active at the Swedish court.

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