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1688 – King James II and VII of England and Scotland flees the island for France as the Glorious Revolution culminated in his deposition in favor of his daughter Mary and her husband, William of Orange.

1777 – Alexander I of Russia is born in Saint Petersburg, under the rule of his grandmother, Catherine the Great. He and his brother were raised by Catherine and it was rumored that Alexander would be put on the throne ahead of his father, the future Paul I. He was successful militarily, leading Russia through the Napoleonic Wars and added the territories of Finland and parts of Poland. In the latter part of his reign, he became more conservative, and may reforms were undone, until his sudden death.

1864 – Princess Zorka of Montenegro is born as the daughter of Nicholas I of Montenegro. She would marry Peter, future King of Serbia, but would pass away before he became King. She had 4 children, including the future Alexander I of Yugoslavia. Sadly she would die while giving birth to her fifth child, at age 25.

1933 – In not so dead royals, Japanese Emperor Akihito is born to Emperor Hirohito in Tokyo. He would not succeed his father until 1989 and his the current reigning Emperor of Japan.

1943 – Also in not so dead royals, Queen consort of Sweden, Silvia is born in Heidelberg, Germany. She is the wife of King Carl XVI Gustav and the mother of the heir apparent, Crown Princess Victoria.

1230 – Berengaria of Navarre, Queen consort of Richard I of England, died long after her husband, in what is modern day France. Her birth date wasn’t recorded, so its unknown exactly how old she was. While she was married to Richard, she never actually stepped foot in England. She may have after Richard’s death, but there is no firm evidence. So it is said she is the only Queen of England to never step foot in England.

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