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No major events.

1166 – King John I of England was born as the youngest child of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. John tried to usurp the crown from his older brother, Richard the Lionheart, while he was away on the Crusades, but could not defeat the armies still loyal to Richard. But John would become King in 1199 after the death of his brother. However his reign would be marred with strife and civil wars.

1588- Constance of Austria, Queen consort of Poland is born in Graz as the daughter of the Archduke Charles. She would marry Sigismund III Vasa, her sisters widower, after the death of her older sister. She was known as an ambitious politician and did her best to advance the interests of her children, over her sisters, and the interests of her family in Austria as a whole.

1634 – Marianna of Austria is born to Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and his consort Maria Anna. She became the wife of Phillip IV and the mother of Charles II. She would serve as regent for her son for many years, as he was known to be severly mentally and physically handicapped. However she was an unpopular ruler in place of her son, and was forced from court until her death.

1784 – A second daughter is born to the future Paul I of Russia, named Elena Pavlovna. Her grandmother, Catherine the Great named her after Helen of Troy. She was married off to a German Grand Duke and had two children, before passing away at age 18 from a sudden illness.

1837 – Elisabeth of Bavaria is born in Munich to the Bavarian Duke, Maximilian. She would go on to marry Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph I at age 17. She was ill suited for court life, and had ongoing health problems and possible eating disorders. She lived to be 60, until she was assassinated in Switzerland by an anarchist.

1863 – The future George I of Greece is born in Copenhagen. He would be elected to be King of the Hellenes by the National Assembly after Otto I was deposed. He was the brother of Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom and Empress Maria of Russia. He would reign for 50 years, the longest in modern Greece, until his own assassination. His successors never enjoyed the long and secure reign that George did.

1879 – Duchess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg is born in Northern Germany. She would go on to marry the future King Christian X of Denmark at age 18, and give birth to two children, including the future Frederick IX of Denmark.

1660- Mary Princess Royal of the United Kingdom and Princess consort of Orange died in London, shortly after the restoration of her brother, Charles II to the throne of Britain. She had been the wife of Prince William II of Orange and was the mother of the future William III of Orange, who also became King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, after the Glorious Revolution.

1976 – Duarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza, died in Lisbon as a claimant to the crown of Portugal after its abolition. He succeeded as a young man, but because of the warring factions between his family and his cousins, and due to Portugal becoming a republic, he was never able to claim the throne, but was never forced into exile either.

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