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800 – Charles I of the Franks, or Charlemagne as he is better known, was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in Rome. He had been King of the Franks (French) since 768 and would rule as Emperor until 814.

1066 – William, Duke of Normandy is crowned King of England after successfully invading the island in September and winning the throne by conquest at the Battle of Hastings. He would rule until 1087 when he was succeeded by his son. William is credited with beginning the British Monarchy as we know it.

1130 – Roger II of Sicily is crowned as the first King of Sicily after being declared king by the Pope. The cloak he wore was later used by Holy Roman Emperors at their coronations and is still in existance and is held in an Imperial Museum in Vienna, Austria.

1461 – Christina of Saxony is born to the Duke and Duchess of Saxony and would later become Queen consort of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. She would spend 3 years in captivity after she was forced to surrender during an invasion when her husband, John of Denmark, was out of the country and she was left as regent. Her son would be the future Christian II.

1584 – Margaret of Austria is born in Graz as the granddaughter to Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. She went on to marry Phillip III of Spain and having 8 children by him, including a future Queen of France, King of Spain, and a Holy Roman Empress, before her early death at age 26, during childbirth.

1901 – Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester is born in London to the daughter of a Scottish Duke. She went on to marry Prince Henry, third son of King George V and Queen Mary. Two of her attendants in the wedding would be Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret of York, or the future Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, Princess Margaret.

1936 – In not so dead royals, Princess Alexandra, daughter of Prince George, Duke of Kent and fourth son to King George V and Queen Mary is born in London. As a first cousin to Queen Elizabeth II she still carries out royal duties and patronages.

1926 – Emperor Taisho of Japan died at age 47. His royal duties had been reduced over the years, and his son, Prince Hirohito governed as regent unti Taisho’s death. He had pneumonia but ultimately died of a heart attack. Prince Hirohito became Emperor and ruled until 1989, including during World War II.

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