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1135 – Stephen of Blois is crowned as King of England after the death of his uncle, Henry I. Henry had initially left his daughter Matilda as his successor, but Stephen claimed that on his deathbed, Henry left the crown to him. There would be a war over this, as Matilda contested this and a civil war called The Anarchy was fought over the next twenty years.

1790 – Louis XVI publicly announces his support for the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, a piece of legislation passed during the Revolution, which outlined the French clergy’s subordination to the government of France.

1194 – Frederick II, future Holy Roman Emperor is born in Italy as the son of Henry IV and Constance of Sicily. He would be a major patron of the arts and sciences in his lands and be fluent in six languages. He was often at odds with the Popes, being excommunicated four times, and even called the Anitchrist by one Pope.

No major deaths.

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