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1460 – The Battle of Wakefield commences in Northern England as part of the War of the Roses. The rival houses of Lancaster, headed by forces loyal to King Henry VI and Queen Margaret, and the House of York, fronted by a cousin to the king, Richard, Duke of York, met in a bloody battle. The Yorkists were greatly outnumbered, and the battle went decisively in the favor of the Lancastrians, with the Duke of York being killed in action.

1916 – King Charles IV and Queen Zita are crowned as King and Queen of Hungary. They were also Emperor and Empress of Austria after the death of Franz Joseph I. They were the last monarchs of both Kingdoms and ruled until 1918, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire was broken up in the wake of World War I.

1944 – King George II of Greece, declares a regency instead of his rule, until a referendum can be held so the people of Greece can vote to keep or abolish the monarchy. The monarchy was upheld, but George would pass in 1947.

1947 – In Romania, King Michael of Romania is forced to abdicate and into exile, as the Communist party of Romania, backed by the Soviet Union, takes power.

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