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1001 – Saint Stephen I of Hungary is proclaimed King of Hungary by Pope Sylvester III. His feast day is still celebrated today in Hungary as a national holiday.

1438 – Albert II of Germany is crowned King of Hungary and Croatia. He was also King of Bohemia, Germany and Duke of Luxembourg and Austria. His decendants in the House of Hapsburg would rule Austria for the next 400 hundred years.

1651 – Charles II of England, Scotland, and Ireland is crowned King of Scotland at Scone just two years after his father’s execution and before the full restoration of the Monarchy in the British Isles.

1707 – John V of Portugal is crowned in Lisbon after the death of his father, Peter II. He was just 18 years old, and would rule until his death at age 60.

1877 – A proclaimation is made declaring Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom also as Empress of India. The British Royal family would retain rule and claim the title of India until 1947, when they gained their independance.

1980 – A three year old Victoria, is formally installed as the Crowned Princess of Sweden. She is the current heir to the throne, and will be Sweden’s first Queen regnant since 1720.

No major birthdays.

1204 – Haakon III of Norway died at about age 30 after only ruling for two years. He was legally illegitimate and had a hard time claiming the crown, but when he did, he was able to release Norway from an interdict and ended the civil wars.

1387 – Charles II of Navarre, or Charles the Bad as he was called, died in Pamplona after a reign of meddling in the Hundred Years War, and playing both sides of the English and French. His politically sneakiness, ended with the loss of all his lands in France, and his countries decimation at the hands of the Spanish.

1515 – A 52 year old Louis XII of France dies of what is said to be over-exertions in the bedroom. Just three months before, he married the 18 year old Princess Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII of England, and was desperately trying to sire a male heir. Mary did not become pregnant and Louis was succeeded by his cousin, Francis I.

1559 – King Christian III of Denmark and Norway dies at age 55. He had become a leader for the Reformation in his countries and was actually present at the Diet of Worms and heard Martin Luther speak his views. Christian would never hide his Lutheran leanings.

1766 – James Francis Edward Stuart, the son of the deposed James II and VII of England and Scotland, died in Rome at age 77. He was recognized as King by the Catholic states of Europe, but was never successful when he attempted to invade in 1715. His son, Charles, would attempt to invade in 1745, but was just as unsuccessful.

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