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1431 – Not Royal, but interesting nonetheless; French Bishop Pierre Cauchon was able to negotiate with the Burgundians for Joan of Arc. When he acquired her in captivity, she was taken to the English camp and prepared for trial.

No major birthdays.

1322 – Phillip V and II of France and Navarre died at age 29 in Southern France. He left no male heirs, so the Crown passed to his brother became Charles IV, as France followed Salic Law, which barred women from ruling. Both his and his brothers lack of sons led to their nephew, Edward III of England, claiming the crown and starting the Hundred Years War.

1437 – Catherine of Valois, Queen consort to Henry V of England and mother to Henry VI, died at age 35 after childbirth. After Henry V died, Catherine secretly married a squire named Owen Tudor. She had two sons by him, named Edmund and Jasper. Edmund would father the future Henry VII of England.

1701 – Louis I, Prince of Monaco, died while in Rome on a diplomatic mission. He was 58 years old, and had ruled since 1662. His son, Antoine I would take over, and the House of Grimaldi, that they are a part of, still rules Monaco today.

1981 – Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, longest living British Princess Royal and last surviving granddaughter of Queen Victoria, died in Kensington Palace at age 97. She had married a minor German royal, but they were given additional titles when they relinquished the German ones during World War I. She also spent time in both South Africa and Canada, where her husband was Governor-General. She had lived through the reigns of six British Monarchs.

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