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1490 – Anne, Duchess of Brittany (in her own right), declared across her lands today, that those who allied with the King of France against English and Burgundian hostilites. were guilty of Lese-majesty, or insulting the dignity of the crown.

1642 – King Charles I of England and Scotland sent soldiers to arrest various members of Parliament for treason against him. Parliament refused to give them up, and even helped them escape when Charles came back for them a second time. This further damaged the relationship between the Crown and Parliament, bringing them closer to Civil War.

1649 – Parliament in England, after the Civil War, had Charles in prison. On this day, the formally decided to bring him to trial for high treason.

No major birthdays.

1248 – Sancho II of Portugal died in Toledo, Spain, after being exiled in 1245. While he was an effective military commander, he was not as capable as a ruler and administrator, to the point the Pope ordered the Portugese to depose him. His brother would succeed him, as Afonso III.

1825 – Ferdinand I of the Two Siciles died at age 73 in Naples. He became king when his father, the King of Spain, abdicated this crown in his favour. He was briefly deposed for a short time when a Republic was declared, then restored, then deposed again during the Napoleonic Wars, but restored again. Unfortunately his short reign was marred by wars. However among his children we can number another King of the Two Sicilies, an Empress of Austria, a Queen of Sardinia, and a Queen of France.

1931 – Princess Royal Louise, Duchess of Fife, died in London today. She was the sister of George V of the United Kingdom and became Duchess of Fife upon her marriage in 1889. She carried out royal duties for the rest of her life, including serving as a Colonel-in-Chief for the Royal Dragoon Guards.

2011 – Ali-Reza Pahlavi, Prince of Iran as the younger son of the deposed Shah, was found dead in his Boston apartment at age 44. It was determined he committed suicide, and he had been depressed for a long period of time.

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