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1810 – The divorce between French Emperor Napoleon I and his first wife, Josephine de Beauharnais is final today. The primary reason for the divorce was Josephine’s apparent infertility. Napoleon had become Emperor shortly before, and needed an heir. Napoleon would remarry after Josephine, and have a son with his second wife.

1480 – Margaret of Austria, daughter to Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and to his wife, Mary, Duchess of Burgundy. She would first marry John, Prince of the Asturias, heir to Spain, but he would die six months into the marriage. Her second marriage to the Duke of Savoy would end in his death as well. However Margaret went on to be Governor of the Netherlands for her father and brother and was, by in large, widely successful and they enjoyed widespread peace, until late in her reign as the Reformation took hold on her lands.

1662 – Prince Honore II of Monaco died today at age 62. He became ruler at age 6 after his fathers death. He was at first the Lord of Monaco, and later began using the title Prince, which the rulers of Monaco still do today.

1824 – Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia died today at age 64 in Turin. Just three years after his abdication in favour of his brother, Charles Felix. His abdication was forced, due to a liberal revolution in Sardinia. Interesting fact about Victor, he was actually a Jacobite claimant to the throne. through Charles I, of England, but never publicly claimed the crown or showed any interest in England.

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