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1566 – Queen Elizabeth I of England charters the first official lottery in England. Tickets were sold for three years, and everyone recieved a prize. The lottery was held to ultimately be an interest free loan for the government.

1395 – Michelle of Valois is born to King Charles VI of France and Queen Isabeau. She married the heir to the Duchy of Burgundy, Phillip. Her brother, the future Charles VII was involved in the murder of her father in law, John the Fearless of Burgundy in 1419. She would die early at age 24.

1923 – Constantine I of Greece died at age 54 just four months after his abdication in favour of his son, George II. He was living in Palermo in utter disgrace after the disastrous Greco-Turkish Wars. He had actually been king twice, the first time from 1913-1917, when he abdicated in favour of his son Alexander. Alexander died suddenly just a few years later, and a national referendum was voted on, where the people decided to bring Constantine back as King.

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