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1528 – Gustav I of Sweden is crowned King in Stockholm. He had been elected King 5 years earlier and was the last Nordic king to be elected. He is labeled as the father of the nation and the first modern Swedish king.

1848 – The fourth Sicilian revolution against Bourbon rule of the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily began today. It was the last revolution they would have for some time, but it did win their independence for 16 months.

1751 – King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies is born in Naples, Italy. He would become King when his father acceding to the Crown of Spain, and was unable to rule both realms. He was the first Bourbon king of Naples and Sicily. He temporarily abdicated the throne during the Napoleonic Wars, but was restored after the overthrow of Napoleon.

1810 – Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies is born in Palermo to King Francis I and Queen Maria. He was popular at his accession because he supported liberal reforms, but his popularity waned and he was actually king during the above mentioned Sicilian Revolution.

1321 – Marie of Brabant, Queen of France died at age 66. She had been a widow since 1285 when he husband Phillip III died. She was present for the coronation of her stepson, Phillip IV, and had even helped negotiate a peace with England in 1294. Her daughter, Margaret, became Queen of England when she married Edward I.

1519 – Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I died in Austria at age 59. He had become preoccupied with his death 18 years earlier, after a fall from a horse and actually traveled with a coffin. He would be succeeded as Emperor by his grandson from his oldest son, Phillip, Charles V, who also became King of Spain, through his mother, Joanna of Castile, and thus ruled most of continental Europe.

1759 – Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange died at age 49 in The Hague. She was the daughter of King George II and Queen Caroline and became Princess of Orange in 1734 when she married William IV, Prince of Orange. She had been regent for her young son, William V since 1750.

1974 – Princess Patricia of Connaught, daughter of Prince Arthur and granddaughter to Queen Victoria, died in England at 87. Although she remained a member of the royal family, in line to the succession, and with duties, she had relinquished her titles in 1919 when she married a Naval commander and commoner.

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