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1287 – Alfonso III of Aragon leads an invasion force to take over the island of Minorca, in the Mediterranean Sea. The island would remain a Spanish possesion, minus a brief period in the 18th century, until today.

1648 – The Long Parliament in England passes the “Vote of No Measures” after breaking off negotiations with Charles I. It was in retaliation to Charles negotiating with the Scots. This would be one of the final straws leading to the second phase of the English Civil War.

1893 – The government of Queen Liliʻuokalani of Hawaii is formally overthrown by a group of American, European, and Hawaiian citizens called the Hawaiian league, or the Citizen’s Committee of Public Safety. Their ultimate goal was to see Hawaii annexed to the United States.

1732 – Stanislaw August Poniatowski future King and Grand Duke of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is born. He would be elected King in 1764, with the help of Russian Empress Catherine the Great. He was liked by the people for his patronages and liberal reforms, however, he is also seen by some as a failure, for being unable to keep the Commonwealth together. He would be forced to formally abdicate in 1795.

1369 – Peter I of Cyprus is assassinated by some of his knights in his own bed. Although he had been popular with the people, he spent many years abroad in Europe and while he was gone, his wife was unfaithful. Upon finding out at his return, he began retaliating against his nobles, brothers, and anyone else he deemed to be guilty.

1991 – King Olav V of Norway dies in Oslo at age 87 of a myocardial infarction. He had been king since 1957 and was immensly popular, earning the nickname “The People’s King”. He was an extremely able military commander, and proved so during World War II. He was also an Olympic Gold Medalist in Sailing, during the 1928 games. He was also a great-grandchild of Queen Victoria, thru her son Edward VII’s daughter Maud, who became Queen of Norway when she married Haakon VII of Norway. His son, Harald V is the current King of Norway.

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