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1486 – Just a few months after he claims the throne, Henry VII of England marries Elizabeth of York, daughter to Edward IV, sister to Edward V, and niece to Richard III. The union united the House of Lancaster, which the Tudors came from, and the House of York. The two houses had been at war for most of the 15th century, fighting what we call the War of the Roses.

1701 – Frederick I of Prussia is crowned as the first King in Prussia, after convincing the Holy Roman Emperor to let Prussia become its own Kingdom within the Empire. At the time, Bohemia was the only Kingdom within the Holy Roman Emperor.

1871 – Prussian King Wilhelm I is declared to be Emperor of a unified Germany towards the end of the Franco-Prussian War. Ten days later, Paris would fall to the Prussian army.

1519 – Isabella Jagiellon is born in Krakow to King Sigismund I and his Milanese wife, Bona Sforza. Her husband would be elected King of Poland in 1526, but his claim was challenged. Her son would later be elected King as an infant, and Isabella spent time as his regent, passing an edict of universal religous toleration in 1558, long before the rest of Europe.

1795 – Anna Pavlovna is born in St. Petersburg to Russian Emperor Paul I and Empress Maria. French Emperor Napoleon I would ask for her hand in marriage, but would be refused. She would later become Queen consort of the Netherlands by marriage to William II. She was never comfortable or popular with the Dutch, as she still gave her patroages in Russia. Her eldest son go on to be William III.

1908 – Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Vasterbotten is born in Germany. In 1931, she would marry Swedish Prince Gustaf Adolph. Her husband would die suddenly in the plane crash in 1947. Sibylla would never be popular in Sweden for being too German. Her son would go on to be Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. However, she would die the year before he ascended to the throne.

1974 – In not-so-dead royals we have Princess Claire of Belgium born in England. She would move to Brussels at age 3 and where she still lives today. In 2003, she married Prince Laurent of Belgium and they now have three children.

1213- Tamar of Georgia died in her early 50’s after a short illness. She was the daughter of George III of Georgia and the first Queen regnant of the country. Her almost 30 years on the throne were a period of military and cultural successes and is known as the Golden Age of medieval Georgia.

1367 – Peter I of Portugal died at age 46. Peter was known as both “the Just” and “the Cruel”. He was called “the Just” because he loved dispensing his own brand of justice, which was usually cruel. He was also known for a long and torrid affair with the daughter of a noble, named Ines de Castro. Two of his sons would become King as Ferdinand I and Peter I.

1586 – Margaret of Parma, illegitimate daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V died in Italy at age 63. She would spend time as Governor of the Netherlands for her brother, Phillip II of Spain, but her rule would be largely unsuccessful, due to religous strife and continuing efforts to limit her authority.

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