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1419 – The French city of Rouen surrenders to the English forces of Henry V. With the fall of the city, it completed the conquest of Normandy for the English in the Hundred Years War.

1544 – The future Francis II of France is born to Henry II and Queen Catherine de Medici. Francis would marry his childhood friend, Mary, Queen of Scots, who was raised in the French court with the royal family. They would become King and Queen of France in 1559 after the sudden death of his father. He would only be King for less than a year, and under a regency of his mother for the whole reign.

1943 – Princess Margriet is born in Canada during her mother, the later Queen Juliana’s exile during World War II. She was named for the Marguerite flower, which the Dutch wore to show opposition to Nazi occupation. Her sister is former Queen Beatrix, and Margriet carries out several official duties for her nephew King Willem-Alexander.

1972 – Also in not so dead royals, Princess Kalina of Bulgaria is born in Madrid. Her father, Simeon II was exiled in Spain already when she was born. She currently resides in Morocco with her husband and son.

1526 – Isabella of Austria died at age 24 after an prolonged illness. She was the daughter of Phillip and Joanna of Castile, and sister to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. In 1514, she married Christian II of Denmark, becoming Queen consort of Denmark and Norway, and later Queen of Sweden until her husbands deposition in 1523 and 1521 from both crowns.

1925 – Maria Sophie of Bavaria, the last Queen consort of the Two Sicilies died at age 83 in her birth home of Bavaria. She had married Francis II in 1859. Her husband was overthrown in 1860, and they lived in Roman exile at first, before having to escape to Bavaria. She was widowed in 1894. Her sister is the famous Austrian Empress Elisabeth.

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