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1920 – Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands formally refuses to hand over German Emperor Wilhelm II, who was living in exile in her country. He fled to The Netherlands after his forced abdication after World War I, and part of the Treaty of Versailles called for his arrest and prosecution. However he would never be tried with war crimes, and live out his days in exile.

1688 – Ulrika Eleonora, future Queen of Sweden is born in Stockholm. She would go on to be Queen regnant of Sweden in 1718 after the death of her brother. She would abdicate in 1720 in favour of her husband, who became Frederick I, and therefore served as both Queen regnant and Queen consort of Sweden. With their reigns, Sweden saw the decline of the absolute monarchy and its known as the “Age of Liberty”.

1896 – Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg is born in Berg Castle. She was the second daughter of William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and became ruler after the abdication of her sister, Marie-Adelaide. Under her, Luxembourg became a constitutional monarchy, and she would spend the whole of World War II in Britain. She would abdicate in 1964, in favour of her son, Jean.

1957 – In not so dead royals, Princess Caroline of Monaco and Princess of Hanover by marriage is born to Prince Rainier II and Princess Grace. She is married to Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, titular Prince of the Hanover region of Germany. Her brother, Prince Albert II, is the current reigning sovereign of Monaco.

1516 – Ferdinand II of Aragon, husband to Isabella of Castile died in Spain. He was half of Spain’s original power couple, and through their children, they saw the union of the Spanish countries. He and his wife were also known by the epithets “the Catholic” because of their services to the church. These services included the Reconquest of Granada from the Moors, the beginning of the Inquisition, and forced conversion of Jews. He had served as regent for his daughter, Joanna in Castile after the death of Isabella. Joanna was then named as Queen after his death, but with her son, Charles, as co-ruler due to her mental incapacity.

1820 – Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn is born in England as the fourth son of King George III and Queen Charlotte. He would spend time in the Army and be a commander of forces in Canada. However we best know him through his offspring, the future Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. He would die within the first year of his life, and within a week of his father. Prince Edward Island, Canada, is named in his honor.