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1340 – Edward III of England is declared King of France by those in England and France who support his claim as a grandson of Phillip IV through Phillip’s daughter and Edward’s mother, Isabella of France. This is one of the events leading to the Hundred Years War.

1736 – Stanislaus I. of Poland abdicated, for the second time, only three years into his second reign, during the War of the Polish Succession. He reigned during the Great Northern War from 1704 to 1709 as well, eventually exiling himself after the defeat of his Swedish supporters. After his second abdication he would be granted the provinces of Lorraine and Bar until his death, upon which they returned into French possession.

1495 – Future Emperor Go-Nara, second son of Emperor Go-Kashiwabara and Fujiwara Fujiko, is born. Upon his father’s death, he would start his reign at the age of 31 and it would last for 31 years as well. However, the formal installation as emperor was not until 10 years into his rule. His court was in so much financial trouble that he actually resorted to selling his own calligraphy.

1763 – Charles XIV John of Sweden is born in France. He started out in the French Army becoming a general under Napoleon I. In 1810, he would be elected to Crown Prince of Sweden and Norway, as the heir of the dying King Charles XIII. He would then end up as an ally of Napoleon’s armies.

No major deaths.

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