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1608 – The trial for the Gunpowder Plot conspirators begins. All involved, including Guy Fawkes, would be executed before the end of the month.

1708 – Anna Petrovna, Grand Duchess of Russia is born to Emperor Peter I and Empress Catherine I of Russia. She would be married to the German Duke Charles Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp in 1724. She would sadly die early at age 20, just days after giving birth to the future Peter III of Russia , who would marry the future Catherine the Great of Russia.

1805 – Twin girls are born in Munich to Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and Catherine of Baden. They would be christened Maria Anna and Sophie. Maria would go on to be Queen consort of Saxony as the wife of Frederick Augustus II. Sophie would marry the Austrian Archduke Franz Karl. She would be known for her ambition and tenacity, being called the “only man at court”. Her sons would go on to Emperors Franz Joseph I of Austria, and Maximilian I of Mexico.

1859 – Wilhelm II, German Emperor is born in Berlin to Crown Prince Frederick and Victoria, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom. He was both a grandson of to Kaiser Wilhelm I and Queen Victoria. His birth was traumatic and he would suffer with Erb’s Palsy, which would stunt the growth of his left arm, which he tried to hide for the majority of his life. He was also famously the cousin of George V of the United Kingdom and Nicholas II. He was also the last Emperor of Germany as the monarchy was abolished at the end of World War I.

No major deaths.

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