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1606 – Some of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators, including Guy Fawkes are executed. Fawkes would jump off the scaffold when being hung, snapping his neck, to avoid the pain of being drawn and quartered.


1512 – Henry, King of Portugal would be born in Lisbon to King Manuel I and Maria of Aragon. He was a younger son, and not expected to be King, so he entered the priesthood, rising to the rank of Cardinal. He would serve as regent for his underage nephew, King Sebastian. He would succeed his nephew in 1578, and attempt to renounce his vows and marry. However the Pope would not release him and he would die before producing an heir and marrying. His death would also come on this day in 1560.

1938 – In not so dead and in the news royals, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is born to Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. She became Queen in 1980 after her mother abdicated, and has announced her own abdication, in favour of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander in April.

1788 – Charles Edward Stuart, or Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Jacobite claimant to the crowns England, Scotland, and Ireland, died in Rome at age 67. He was the grandson of James II and VII through his son, also named James. The Stuarts were overthrown during the Glorious Revolution, but would attempt two invasions to be reinstalled as absolute rulers. Neither would be successful.

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