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1327 – A fourteen year old Edward III is crowned King of England after the deposition of his father, Edward II. His father abdicated the throne after an invasion lead by Edward’s mother, Isabella of France, because of the disaster of the elder Edward’s rule. Isabella and her lover, Roger Mortimer, Earl of March, would be de facto rulers until Edward came of age and took the reigns of government.

1946 – The Hungarian Parliament votes and decides to declare a republic, abolishing its monarchy. Hungary had been a Kingdom for over 900 years.

2005 – King Gyanendra of Nepal attempts to reinstate direct and authoritative rule in his country by dismissing the Prime Minister and naming himself Chairman on the Ministers. The monarchy would be abolished the following year.

1965 – The only birthday is a not so dead royal one. Princess Stephanie of Monaco is born to Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace. Stephanie was actually with her mother when the car accident occured that caused Princess Grace’s death. She would miss her mother’s funeral, due to still being in the hospital recovering.

1328 – Charles IV of France died at age 33 without a male heir. He was the last of the direct Capetian line kings of France as the son of Phillip IV. France observed Salic law, which barred women from being sovereign, or the line of succession passing through a woman. This caused a crisis, as the next male heir was Phillip of Valois. Edward III of England would stake a claim to the throne, being a grandson of Phillip IV, through his mother, Isabella. This was one of the direct causes of the Hundred Years War.

1733 – King Augustus II of Poland died in Warsaw at age 62. He had actually been King of Poland twice, the first between 1697 and 1706, then again between 1709 and his death. He was known for his physical strength, and his patronage of the fine arts. However his rule is not regarded as successful because of his failure to keep the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth out of the Great Northern War.

1908 – King Carlos I of Portugal, and his eldest son, Prince Felipe are assassinated by republican activists while riding in an open carriage. His other son, Prince Manuel, would be declared King and was the last King of Portugal.

1945 – Prince Kiril of Bulgaria was assassinated by a coalition of the Communist Party of Bulgaria. He was the younger brother of the deceased Boris III and was regent and Prime Minister for his nephew, Simeon II.

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