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1576 – Henry II of Navarre publicly renounces Catholicism and continues to assist the Hugenots. However in 1589 upon his accession to the French throne as Henry IV, he would convert to Catholicism saying that “Paris was worth a mass.”

1885 – Belgian king Leopold II formally established the Congo Free State under his rule, to extend Belgium’s land holdings.

1515 – Rene of Chalon is born in Breda, the Netherlands. He would go on to become Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utretcht, and Gelre. He would later be mortally wounded in battle fighting alongside Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. He would have no heirs, so the Prince of Orange title would fall to his cousin William, known as William the Silent.

1972 – Mary, the current Crown Princess of Denmark is born on the island of Tasmania. She would meet her future husband Frederik in 2000 in a pub, while he was visiting Australia for the Olympics. Her husband is next in line for the crown and she will be Queen consort of Denmark.

1980 – Peter, Hereditary Prince of Yugoslavia is born in Chicago to the deposed Crown Prince Alexander. He is a grandson of King Peter II of Yugoslavia. He’s lived throughout the US and UK, and is actually in line for the British crown, albeit too far back to ever succeed to the throne.

1818 – Charles XIII and II of Sweden and Norway respectively dies at age 69. He had no children so the renowned French military man, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was elected to be his successor, and was already acting as regent due to Charles’ poor health. Jean became known as Charles XIV & III John of Sweden and Norway. His House of Bernadotte still rules Sweden, but when the union between Norway and Sweden was dissolved in 1905, they did not rule that country any longer.