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1567 – An explosion goes off overnight at Kirk o’ Field House in Edinburgh, Scotland. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, King consort of Scotland as the husband to Mary, Queen of Scots, is found dead in his nightshirt by a tree. He had no visible injuries from the explosion and was believed to have been strangled before the explosion. It was believed that the Earl of Bothwell, who had become close to the Queen, and the Queen herself, were complicit in the murder.

1840 – Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom marries Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha at the chapel of St. James’s Palace. Victoria wore a white dress and its believed that the tradition of the bride wearing white began with her.

1606 – Christine Marie of France is born in Paris to King Henry IV and Queen Marie de’ Medici. She became Princess of Piedmont and Duchess of Savoy. She would become regent for her sons after the death of her husband, Victor Amadeus I. Her brothers in law would start a civil war to take the Duchy away from her sons, but Christine would be successful with French support.

1868 – Prince Waldemar of Prussia is born in Berlin to Crown Prince Friedrich and Crown Princess Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria. He was also the younger brother of the future Kaiser Wilhelm II. He was the favourite of his parents, but would die suddenly of diphtheria at age 11.

1163 – King Baldwin III of Jerusalem dies in Beirut at age 33. He had been a player in the failed Second Crusade, and began the alliance with the Byzantine Empire. His marriage to the 13 year old Theodora of Byzantium was childless, so he was succeeded by his brother, Amalric I.

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