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1531 – The Clergy in England gives Henry VIII the title of Supreme Head of the English Church and Clergy, paving the way for the final split with Rome.

1873 – Spanish King Amadeao I abdicates after just three years of rule. He was elected after the deposition of Isabella II and Spain was declared a republic just hours later.

1466 – Elizabeth of York is born in Westminster to Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville. She was also the niece to Richard III and sister to the Princes in the Tower, Edward V and Richard, Duke of York. She later went on to marry Henry VII of England, and then became the mother of Henry VIII. Her daughter, Margaret, became Queen of Scotland, and was the grandmother to Mary, Queen of Scots. Thus every English monarch since Henry VIII is a descendant of hers. She would later die on this same day in 1503, shortly after giving birth to her seventh child.

1920 – The future King Farouk I of Egypt is born in Cairo. He became King in 1936 at age 16, and would be overthrown in 1952 in favour of his infant son. He would live out his days in exile, dying in Italy. His body would be returned to Egypt for burial.

1901 – Milan I of Serbia dies in Vienna after abdicating without explanation in 1889. He stayed near court to act as an adviser to his son, Alexander I until they had a falling out over Alexander’s choice in a wife. He was 46 and was the first King of Serbia.

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