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1014 – Henry II is crowned as Holy Roman Emperor. He is later canonized, and is the only German monarch to be sainted.

1847 – Maria Pia of Savoy is born on the island of Sardinia to Italian King Victor Emmanuel II and Queen Adelaide. She went on to be Queen consort of Portugal as the wife of Luis I. She died in 1911, shortly after the depostion of her grandson, Manuel II and her forced return to Italy.

1945 – In not so dead royals, Hans-Adam II, reigning Prince of Liechentstein is born in Zurich. He was the son of the previous ruler, Franz Joseph II, and took over for his father in 1989. As of 2004, he has turned over most of the governmental affairs to his son, Prince Alois, to prepare him for rule.

1318 – Margaret of France, wife of Edward I of England died. She had been widowed at age 26 in 1307, but began living in a convent instead of marrying again, famously saying that all men died for her when Edward died. She lived into the reign of her stepson, Edward II, and assisted in the birth of the future Edward III.

1400 – Richard II dies at age 33 after being overthrown the year before. His cousin, Henry Bolingbroke had already been crowned as Henry IV. He had come to the throne as a boy, age 10, after the death of his grandfather, Edward III. While it is unconfirmed as to how Richard died, its possible that he was starved to death. Whether Henry knew, or was complicit, is unknown.

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