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No major events.

1786 – Russian Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna is born in St. Petersburg to the future Paul I of Russia. She was born under the rule of her grandmother, Catherine II, or Catherine the Great. Her brothers would later become Alexander I and Nicholas I, Tsars of Russia. She would later marry into the German Grand Ducal house of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, and her daughter, Augusta would be German Empress when she married Wilhelm I.

1991 – In not so dead royals, Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg is born to Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa. She is currently third in line to the succession to rule, behind her two older brothers, but is ahead of her younger brother. Through her father, she is related to every other reigning European monarch.

1279 – Afonso III of Portugal dies at age 68 in Portugal. He was the second son of Afonso II, and was not supposed to be King. However his older brother Sancho was forcibly removed from rule, and Afonso took over. He showed vision ahead of his time by beginning such measures as allowing the commons to be represented in government, alongside the clergy and nobility, and doing away with preventative arrests, with all arrests having to go before a judge.

2005 – Queen Narriman, the last queen of Egypt died in Cairo. Her first husband, King Farouk, was forced to abdicate in 1952, and she divorced him in 1954, and was allowed to return to live in Egypt with her family, as a commoner. Her son with Farouk, Fuad, was technically ruler for a year, as an infant, until a republic was declared.