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1861 – Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont is born in Germany. Her brother would be the last reigning monarch of the region, and her sister would become the mother of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. Helena would marry Prince Leopold, son of Queen Victoria. Sadly Leopold was a hemophiliac and would die while Helena was pregnant with the second child. She would stay in England most of the time, and was famous and loved for her charity and social work.

1934 – King Albert I dies suddenly at age 58 while mountain climbing through the Alps. He had been King throughout the German occupation of World War I and had overseen the post war reconstruction. He and his wife Elisabeth, had been popular for maintaining a simplistic lifestyle in comparison to other royals. His eldest son, Leopold, enlisted as a private during World War I and Queen Elisabeth acted as a nurse. He had also helped pave the way for Belgian universal suffrage.

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