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1613 – The Russian National Assembly declares Mikhail Romanov to be Tsar of Russia. He was the founder of the Romanov dynasty that would rule Russia for the next 300 years.

1728 – The future Peter III of Russia is born in Kiel. He was a grandson of Peter I and nephew to Empress Elizabeth. He would marry a minor German princess who would convert to Russian Orthodoxy upon their marriage and would take the name Catherine. They would have a son, named Paul, who, later, after his death, would claim that Peter was not the boy’s father. Peter would be overthrown after just 6 months as Tsar, and replaced by his wife, who went on the become one the most famous Russian monarchs of history.

1783 – Princess Catharina is born to the Royal family of Wurttemberg in Russia. She would later become Queen consort of Westphalia, a Kingdom created by Napoleon Bonaparte, out of Germany, for his brother Jerome to rule. The kingdom would fall with the Bonaparte family, and Catharina would live out her days in Switzerland.

1937 – In not so dead royals, the future Harald V of Norway is born to King Olav V and Queen Martha. He is the current King and acceded the throne in 1991. He is closely related to most other European monarchs, as a first cousin to Albert II of Belgium and Henri of Luxembourg, and a second cousin of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Margarethe II of Denmark, and Carl XVI of Sweden.

1986 – Also in not so dead royals, Prince Amadeo of Belgium is born. He is a grandson of King Albert II and is seventh in line to the Belgian throne.

1437 – James I is assassinated by his uncle in a failed attempt to overthrow him. He was unpopular due to his policies with the commoners and his attacks against the nobility. He had become King at age 12, and spent 18 years in captivity under the regency of his uncle, the Duke of Albany.

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