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1495 – Charles VIII of France marches into Naples to claim the throne after a year of fighting. There would be another 3 years before the French were driven out of Naples. However they would be back, and the fighting continued through the 16th century.

1403 – Charles VII of France is born in Paris as a son to Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria. A major player in the Hundred Years War, Charles had actually be disinherited by his father, who installed Henry V of England as his successor, and married one of Charles’ sisters to Henry. However, the rise of Joan of Arc turned the war in favour of the French, allowing Charles to be crowned and assume rule.

1440 – Ladislaus V of Hungary is born in Hungary to Elizabeth of Luxembourg and four months after the death of his father, King of the Romans, Albert II. He would officially accede to the crown of Hungary at age 4, and the crown of Bohemia at age 13. However, he would die unexpectedly at age 17, while in Prague, awaiting his wedding.

1933 – The future not so dead Katharine, Duchess of Kent, wife of Elizabeth II’s first cousin, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent is born in Yorkshire, England. She would famously convert to the Catholic Church in 1994, with the full blessing of the Queen. She has mostly withdrawn from public life, but does keep up her charity work.

1371 – King David II of Scotland dies at age 46 in Edinburgh. He was the only surviving son of King Robert the Bruce of Scotland. Having no children of his own, he was succeeded by the son of his sister, Robert II, who came as a member of the House of Stuart, which would rule Scotland for almost 400 years, and would also begin rule of England in 1603.

1511 – Henry, Duke of Cornwall, and son of Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon, dies after just 53 days of life. His cause of death is unrecorded, but his parent’s despair was mentioned in contemporary writings.

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