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No major events.

1443 – Matthias Corvinus, future Hungarian and Croatian king, is born in modern day Romania. He would become King of Hungary and Croatia at age 14, and later also King of Bohemia. He was one of the first monarchs to embrace the Italian Renaissance and culture in Hungary flourished under him.

1852 – Future Vietnamese Emperor Duc Duc was born to the Nguyen Dynasty. He became Emperor in July of 1883, and died just 3 days later. However, most Emperors of that time were considered to be puppets of the French, and not ruling on their own.

1960 – In not so dead royals, Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito was born in Tokyo. His father is the current Emperor, and Naruhito will assume rule after his father’s death. He is active in many pursuits, including water conservation and has carried out duties in place of his father, due to illness or other engagements.

2012 – A daughter is born in Sweden to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, christened Estelle. She is currently 2 in line to the throne, behind her mother.

1447 – Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester dies at age 56. Humphrey was the younger brother of Henry V and uncle to Henry VI. He would act as Lord Protector for his nephew during his minority. He had retired from public life in 1441 after the trial and conviction of his wife, Eleanor Cobham, of heresy and witchcraft.

1554 – Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk is beheaded at the Tower of London, just days after his daughter, Jane Grey, the disputed Queen of England. They had been attained for treason against Mary I; Henry for his part in Wyatt’s Rebellion, Jane, for accepting the crown when Mary was the rightful heir.

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