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1815 – Deposed French Emperor Napoleon lands in France after escaping from exile in Elba. He would head for Paris to regain power for about another hundred days.

1432 – The future Queen consort of Portugal Isabella of Coimbra was born. She was a granddaughter of John I of Portugal and her husband, Afonso V was her first cousin. Her daughter, Joan, would later become a saint of the Catholic Church, and her son would be John II of Portugal.

1683 – Caroline of Ansbach is born in modern day Germany. She would go on to marry George II of Great Britain. She would be a steadying influence when her husband rebelled for power against his father, George I, and when her son, Frederick, Prince of Wales, rebelled against his father. She was widely loved by all people and is credited with strengthening the Hanover position in Britain. Her husband would not remarry after her death at 54.

1792 – Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II died today at age 44 in Vienna. He had been known for his support for sweeping social reforms, including laws for hospitalizing mentally ill people. He would also see the smallpox vaccine start to become available and the beginnings a juvenile justice system began. He was the elder brother of doomed French queen Marie Antoinette, whose pleas for help he ignored. He would be succeeded by his son, Francis II.

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