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1155 – Frederick I Barbarossa is elected King of the Germans, and would be crowned 5 days later. Three years later he is elected to be King of Italy and declared Holy Roman Emperor.

1461 – Henry VI is formally deposed and imprisoned during the War of the Roses. A cousin of his from the York branch of the Plantagenet family, Edward, is installed as King of England.

1188 – Blanche of Castile is born to King Alfonso VIII and Queen Eleanor. Blanche’s mother was a daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Later, she would be married to the future Louis VIII of France in 1200. She would be widowed in 1226, but serve as regent for her son, the future Louis IX. She would later be regent again, while Louis went on Crusade.

1992 – A girl is born to Prince Albert II of Monaco and his mistress, Tamara Rotolo, named Jazmin Grace Grimaldi. She is not the line of succession for Monaco, but is heir to Albert’s personal fortune.

1192 – The first Egyptian Sultan, Salah al Din, or Saladin dies at age 55 in Damascus. He is most known for his military leadership between the Second and Third Crusades and the Muslim reconquest of Jerusalem in 1187. He was well respected by other monarchs and military leaders, including Richard the Lionheart, for his actions both on and off he battlefield, and is one of the models of chivalry.

1238 – Joan of England, Queen consort of Scotland and daughter of John I of England dies at age 27. She was the wife of Alexander II of Scotland and sister to Henry III. She and Alexander were childless.

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