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1496 – King Henry VII of England grants a charter to explore new lands to John Cabot and his sons. They would go on to discover parts of mainland Canada, including Newfoundland.


1133 – The future Henry II of England is born in Le Mans, France. His father was Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, and his mother was Matilda, former Holy Roman Empress, and claimant of the crown of England as the daughter of Henry I. Henry would later marry the equally formidable Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine. Through him, the House of Plantagenet was founded, who would rule England for the next 300 years. He would spawn two of the most famous monarchs in English history, Richard I ‘the Lionheart’ and John I. He would also hold considerable lands in France, including Anjou, Normandy, Aquitaine, Maine, Nantes, and Brittany, ruling more of France than the King of France.

1324 – David II of Scotland is born at Dumferline Palace to King Robert I ‘the Bruce’ and Elizabeth de Burgh. He would become King at age 5 and rule until his death in 1371. In 1346, he was captured in battle by the forces of Edward III and would be held in captivity until 1357. He was the last monarch from the House of Bruce.

1723 – A girl is born in London to the future George II and Queen Caroline to be christened Mary. She would be married in 1740 to the future German Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, Frederick. The marriage was unhappy, and the couple would separate in 1754, with Mary moving to Denmark with her children, after the death of her sister.

No major deaths.

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