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1882 – A proclamation is declared changing the Principality of Serbia into the Constitutional Monarchy Kingdom of Serbia. The countries first monarch was Milan I. However the Kingdom would not survive World War I.

1340 – A third son is born to Edward III of England and Phillippa of Hainault, christened John. He was born in Ghent, Flanders, which is in present day Belgium, leading to his moniker John of Gaunt. He would become the Duke of Lancaster in 1362. His descendants would become the House of Lancaster, which would fight for the throne a century later during the Wars of the Roses.

1405 – John II of Castile is born as the son of Henry III and Queen Catherine of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt. He would succeed his father at the age of ten months. He would rule for 49 years, but is widely regarded as an ineffective ruler. He would sire two Castilian monarchs, Henry IV and the famous Isabella I of Castile.

1817 – A daughter is born to French King Louis Phillipe I and Marie Amalie of Two Sicilies, named Clementine. She would marry a German prince, August of Saxe-Coburg-Kohary and be the dominate personality in the relationship. She would have to flee France in 1848, after the Revolution of that year. Her youngest son, Ferdinand, would go on to be Tsar of Bulgaria.

1823 – The future Charles I of Wurttemberg is born in Stuttgart. He was the son of William and Therese of Wurttemberg. He became king in 1864, and would rule until his death in 1891, despite his country being absorbed into the German Empire in 1871.

1939 – In not so dead royals, a daughter is born in Rome to the displaced royal Spanish family. She is known today as Infanta Margarita, Duchess of Soria, sister of former King Juan Carlos I. She renounced her rights to the throne in 1972, upon her marriage to a commoner.

1964 – King Paul of Greece dies in Athens from stomach cancer. He had spent chunks of time living in exile before he took over as king. He had become king after World War II and interfered in politics, despite growing republican sentiments. His daughter, Sophia would go on to be Queen of Spain, and his son Constantine II, would be the last Greek monarch.

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