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1629 – Charles I dissolved Parliament and would not reconvene it for 11 years, in a period known as Personal Rule, or the Eleven Years Tyranny. He eventually began to run out of money and needed to call Parliament. This would be known as the Long Parliament, and would lead to the English Civil War.

1452 – The future Ferdinand II of Aragon is born to the House of Trastamara in Spain. He would marry Isabella I of Castile and become King in 1475, then became King of Aragon in his own right in 1479. Under their rule, Spain’s influence around the world would grow exponentially and the Spanish Inquisition would start. Under the rule of their grandson, Charles and great-grandson Phillip, Spain would be united.

1503 – Ferdinand’s grandson, also named Ferdinand, is born in Spain to Infanta Joanna, the future Queen Joanna of Castile, and her husband, Habsburg Archduke Phillip. Ferdinand’s older brother became Holy Roman Emperor as Charles V, with Ferdinand succeeding him in 1556. He would be a main supporter of the Counter Reformation and rule until 1564, when he passed away at age 61.

1776 – Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is born in Hanover. In 1793 she would marry the Prussian Crown Prince Fredrick William, the future King Frederick William III. Four years later, they would succeed to the throne of Prussia. They would have nine children, with seven surviving childhood, which would include Frederick William IV, and Emperor Wilhelm I. She would at one time actually meet with Napoleon Bonaparte and attempt to negotiate with him. When she died suddenly at age 34 in 1810, she was widely mourned by the Prussian people, and the Order of Louise, which is the women’s equivalent to the Iron Cross, was started in her honor.

1845 – Alexander III of Russia is born in St. Petersburg to Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria. He would be known for his physicality; being over 6 feet tall, and incredibly strong. His father was known to be kind, and liberal minded, and when the harsh younger Alexander took over, he reversed all of his father’s reforms. He would marry Dagmar of Denmark, who took the name Maria Feodorovna upon her conversion to Russian Orthodox. His eldest son is the famous and ill-fated Nicholas II.

1964 – In not so dead royals, a third son and fourth child was born to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, named Edward. Prince Edward is currently 8th in line to the Commonwealth throne. He was styled the Earl of Wessex upon his marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones and will be created Duke of Edinburgh after the death of his father.

No major deaths.

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