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1706 – Queen Anne refuses to give the Royal Assent to the Scottish Militia Bill from Parliament. This was the last time a British monarch would use veto power.

1899 – Frederick IX of Denmark is born as the son of Christian X. His great-grandfather was ruling the Danes at the time as Christian IX. He would become King in 1947 after the death of his father, and serving as regent for him in 1942 and 1943. He would rule until his death in 1972 and oversee the post-war modernization of Denmark. He would not have sons, so his brother was his heir until 1953, when the laws of succession were changed to allow his daughter, Margarethe II, to become Queen.

1801 – Paul I of Russia was assassinated late at night by some nobles and military officers. They stormed into his room and found him hiding behind some drapes. They tried to force him to sign an order of abdication in favour of his son, Alexander I, but he refused. He was then run through with a sword. He had upset the noble classes with his policies which ended up favouring the serfs. He was the only child of Catherine the Great, and had ruled for only 5 years.

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