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1489 – Catherine Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, formally abdicates and sells the island to the Republic in Venice. She has been Queen consort since 1472, and had ruled as regent since the death of her husband in 1473, and the death of her infant son in 1474. The kingdom had been in a steady decline for years and was already being run by Venetian merchants.


1807 – Josephine of Leuchtenburg, future Queen consort of Sweden and Norway is born in Milan. She was the granddaughter of Josephine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon I, by her first marriage. Napoleon gave her titles upon her birth, which led to her being a royal consort. She would marry Oscar I of Sweden and Norway, and become a popular Queen for her patronage of several artists, and promoted social causes. Two of her four sons would become King.

1820 – Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia is born today in Turin. He would become King of Sardinia in 1849. And in 1861, after leading the Wars of Italian Unification, he would become the first King of a unified Italy since the 6th century. He would have the capital moved to Rome 1871 where he would live out his days. He had also be excommunicated by the Church in 1860. His sons would go on to be Umberto I of Italy and Amedeo I of Spain.

1822 – Teresa Christina of the Two Sicilies is born in Naples to Francis I and Maria Isabella. She became Empress consort of Brazil in 1843 when she married Pedro II. She outlived all her children. Her husband was overthrown in 1889, and they were forced into exile, were she died a month later. She was widely loved and respected by the Brazilian people, even the ones who deposed the monarchy.

1844 – Umberto I of Italy is born as the son of Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia. He would serve as a commander under his father during the Wars of Italian Unification. He would be assassinated in 1900 by an anarchist who said he was avenging the people of Milan for the Bava-Beccaris massacre in 1898.

1958 – In not so dead royalty, Prince Albert II of Monaco is born as the son of Rainier III and Princess Grace. He is the current ruling monarch of the small country with his sister, Caroline as his heir presumptive.


1647 – Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of Holland dies at age 63 in The Hague. He came to rule after the death of his childless half brother, Maurice. He would continue the Dutch military success against Spanish. He would be succeeded by his son, William II.

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